The band was founded in 2014 after an instrumental 'Playday' which was part of the Beecles Festival. 
A group of us decided it would be a shame if after that one day everyone just drifted off and that we would like to continue to play together and so, the idea of forming a wind band was born.
The idea was for a Wind Band for adults, as there are fewer opportunities for adult players to play in bands, ensembles etc and from the outset we had a policy of 'Everybody Welcome'.
We have never had  limits on the number of flutes or clarinets or saxaphones etc.
Our aim has been to be to give players, of all standards, experience in playing together and to improve their playing and musical knowledge.

Initially the band was called 'Waveney Winds' and was purely for woodwind players. A few years and a couple of Musical Directors later, John Flack took over leading the band. Under his leadership the band has expanded to include a brass section.

After an enforced break due to Covid, the decision to change the name to the Waveney Concert Band, was taken when it reopened in 2020.
This more properly reflects what the band has become. We have a number of regular brass players as well as players we can call upon, when needed for concerts.  We have links to Waveney Brass, the Leiston Royal British Legion Band, Pakefield Singers and Beccles Choral Society.

We play at a number of fetes and events, at the annual Rememberance Service at St Micheal's Church, Beccles, and also the Remeberance Concert organised by Beccles Royal British Legion.

We were asked to play at the Jubilee and Coronation concerts at the Sparrows Nest, in Lowestoft, and unusally for a band of our size, had fanfare trumpets and trombones. 

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